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SurePOS 700

The award-winning, energy-efficient SurePOS 700 is Toshiba’s most powerful point-of-sale system, delivering maximum performance, service-ability, energy efficiency and adaptability to drive today’s smarter store solutions. 

Innovative, retail-optimized technology makes the SurePOS 700 more valuable to retailers than ever before. With next generation Intel Core i3 processing as an option, scalable memory choices up to 8 GB, and hard disk or solid state drives options, the SurePOS 700 packs 10 percent to 50 percent more performance power, faster processing and extra storage capacity to drive the most demanding consumer service and applications. 

Checkout lanes that can be put into service in a matter of seconds help lower employee costs and satisfy shoppers who, too often, abandon their purchases rather than wait in line. The SurePOS 700, with easy-to-wake deep sleep, enables stores to provide customer service on demand, saving up to 47 percent in energy and optimizing staff time.

  • Award-winning, fully adaptable, energy-efficient system.
  • Speed checkout and improve productivity with powerful platforms.
  • Maximize uptime and help reduce maintenance costs with virtually tool-free design, secure and easy front access and exceptional serviceability.
  • Optimize investments with a highly scalable point-of-sale system that integrates with legacy systems.

Click here for more information about the SurePOS 700. 

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