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Self Checkout

Proven hardware and innovative software combined

Build and maintain customer loyalty, gain a competitive advantage, and enhance the shopping experience through speed and convenience with Toshiba Self Checkout Systems. Toshiba Self Checkout Systems now can support a broad range of consumer preferences for payment, such as cash and cashless transactions, and offer a variety of belted or scan-and-bag extensions that fit the needs of just about any retail environment.


  • Ultimate usability innovates how consumers transact. A consumer-driven ergonomic design and highly intuitive user interface help to optimize throughput and boost loyalty.
  • Complete solution manageability increases availability. Front-end serviceable hardware systems and an end-to-end systems management solution optimize system uptime for around-the-clock store operations.
  • Greater control and flexibility extend functionality. New CHEC software puts control back into your hands, making it easier to manage and maintain a highly reliable, available self checkout environment.
  • Industry-leading POS integration improves reliability. A new high-level, point-of-sale (POS) interface facilitates a more robust client/server integration, helping increase reliability and making investing in self checkout easier than ever.

Belted Models include:

  •  Belted models deliver exceptional utilization and throughput
  •  Increased flexibility with range of bagging options available
  •  Unmatched security
  •  Cashless option available

Scan and Bag Models include:

  • Two-bag or three-bag models
  • Fast and easy for shoppers to process orders
  • Security features to help reduce shrink
  • Range of models offer the ultimate flexibility
  • Cashless option available

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"In a multi-store operation it is important to have control from a central point. STCR provides the systems and technical expertise to do just that."