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Use Exception Reporting in the Fight Against Shrink

Leveraging your POS system's exception reporting to run a tight ship is just one of the valuable tools that is often never fully developed by store operations. The benefits are many fold and should be explored and customized to your business. It's an ongoing effort to analyze and retool practices and processes to fight shrink by quickly identifying impropriety and product pricing issues as well as fine tune performance metrics and training.

FMI Study Profiles Grocery App Users

media, the less likely it is that the shopper will use a grocery retailer's app in-store. The study also revealed that shoppers with larger grocery expenditures were most active in using grocery apps.

Valuable Fringe benefit Options for your Employees

As business owner you can provide some valuable fringe benefits to stay competitive with larger companies. Besides health coverage and retirement plans there are other benefits you can offer to employees. Determine which benefits your employees value, then assess what you can afford to provide. Not only will these benefits increase morale and retention but you can also deduct your costs.

Why Maintenance on your POS System is So Important

As a supermarket operator always looking to improve your business and cut costs it can be tempting to see your annual maintenance expense on your POS system as unnecessary or will at the very least be tempted to make sacrifices. Understanding the mindset and the temptation to reduce maintenance expenses, there are many third party service organizations trolling the market offering plans with a significant cost reduction. However...

Over 500 Million financial records hacked in the last year

An article in USA Today, on October 20th, tells that nearly 519 million financial records have been stolen over the past 12 months. The article quotes Special Agent Jason Truppi of the FBI to say that “Nearly 439 million records were stolen in the past six months.”
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