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Electronic Fund Transfers Backup Solution

Credit, Debit, Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), Electronic Check Conversion (ECH), and Gift Card are the main types of electronic fund transfers (EFT). EFT is mission critical to any successful retail store operation. The 2008 Study of Consumer Payment Preferences found that 63 percent of all consumer purchases are made using electronic payment methods. It’s important not only to have a reliable EFT solution in place but also a backup solution in case the primary fails.

Going Green With Paperless Transactions

Turning on the Green Receipt option in Store Management Suite is a great way to offer paperless transaction receipts! When enabling this feature, your customer's transaction receipt can be sent to your owner's e-mail by default, saving on paper usage, ribbon usage, and wear and tear on your printer! SMS will immediately send out the e-mail as soon as the transaction is completed. Should your owner request a printed receipt, your cashier can simply click on the reprint function on the touch screen and provide the hard copy.

Nature's Pantry Expands With SMS

Nature's Pantry recently opened a new location in New Windsor, NY. The new location is an expanded version of the old location in Newburgh. The new store offers customers a larger selection and more diverse products.
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