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Workforce 2020: A Sneak Peek at the Future of Labor in the Grocery Industry

If you want to know the state of workforce management and productivity in the food retail industry, just look at what the nation’s No. 1 seller of groceries is doing. Over the past year, Walmart Inc. has flooded its stores with robots that mop floors and stock shelves. The mega-retailer has also ramped up workers’ benefits to include expanded medical care, free college, innovative management training programs and a pledge to pay most of its hourly associates at least $15 an hour — some workers will earn much more — by the end of this year.

POS Analytics: Unlocking Marketing Potential

Modern point-of-sale systems do so much more than print receipts and hold cash. Today’s grocers need a POS solution that is seamless and runs fully integrated software to enable marketing analytics.

Can technology extend grocers' reach into food deserts?

As tech startup Udelv approaches its thousandth autonomous delivery for Walmart in Surprise, Arizona, director of business development Adriel Lubarsky believes the service has a role to play in solving a problem that has long bedeviled retailers, legislators and advocacy groups alike: food deserts.

The Grocery Ecommerce Revolution

Most modern shoppers can’t fathom the effort that went into stocking the kitchen in the past: when you needed meat, you went to the butcher and bread only came from the bakery, making grocery shopping a time-consuming affair.

The Rise of Autonomous Delivery

With an increasing number of people embracing the convenience and immediacy of grocery delivery, many technology companies are exploring new solutions for fulfilling orders and delivering them to customers’ homes safely and expediently.
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