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From the A&P to Amazon: The rise of the modern grocery store

The history of grocery stores — from the A&P to Amazon’s surprise purchase of Whole Foods — can be traced back to a common kitchen product: Baking powder. Really.

Food for thought: 7 trends set to define grocery retail in 2017

Grocery retail is undergoing dramatic shifts driven by changing consumer needs and expectations, technology advancements and a fierce competitive environment. More changes can be expected as this year unfolds. Progressive grocers will continue to transform business models and tap new ways to attract and retain shoppers as they transition to compete in an ever-evolving grocery landscape. Here’s a closer look at seven trends to keep an eye on in 2017.

How's your online reputation?

Reputation management is important in any business, but even more so in the 21st-century world of social media, where a negative comment can ruin a company’s image in a matter of days or even a few hours. Many shoppers love social media sites and use them on a daily basis. Thus, awareness of these sites and frequent monitoring are critical in managing your reputation. It is now a fundamental marketing strategy and not an option.

Four Steps to Create a Lasting Brand Identity

We’re all familiar with slogans like “Just Do It,” “Live Más” (Spanish for "more") and “Because You’re Worth It.” These slogans have become synonymous with the brands they represent, so it’s natural that small business owners would associate the notion of branding only with big corporations.

Millennials looking for cleaner labels for snacks

Fewer ingredients equates to a healthier option for this generation. A dip in ingredients may translate to a rise in sales as young adults turn their attention to the nutrition labels of their snack choices.
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