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Many Americans unconvinced about buying groceries online

For most U.S. consumers, it will take a big change in shopping behaviors and attitudes to shift their grocery purchases online, according to a new study by Morning Consult. Of 2,000 U.S. adults polled, 67% have never purchased packaged food or beverage products online, the e-survey and market research firm said in its “Consumer Insights On The Food and Beverage Industry” report. Meanwhile, 65% of those who have never bought groceries online indicated that they have no interest in doing so in the future.

4 Behavioral Declines Set to Disrupt Grocery in 20 Years

Growing up in Hawaii, one realizes quickly that swimming in a pool is vastly different from swimming in the ocean. In a pool, a pretty good swimmer can go wherever they want and doesn’t worry about much except for the other swimmers getting in the way. In the ocean, however, a pretty good swimmer has little choice but to go where the ocean current wants and has many things to worry about.

How Grocery Retailers Build Top-Shelf Reputations

A closer look at what Harris Poll's leaders are doing so well By Bryan Roberts

Small grocers say they have an Amazon-sized advantage in prepared foods

Eddie’s of Roland Park, a two-store grocer in Baltimore, doesn’t have the data-mining abilities of Kroger, the low prices of Walmart or the online presence of Amazon.

Smaller Natural Food Chains Could Step Into Whole Foods Market’s Shoes

Smaller natural food chains like California-based Erewhon, which just opened its 4th location earlier this month, might be taking Whole Foods Market’s place in the hearts and pantries of American natural food shoppers, according to Forbes.
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