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How Coronavirus May Affect Grocery Shopping Habits

With fears about the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus on the rise as various U.S. states reveal their first confirmed cases, consumers may seek to limit their exposure to infection by making use of grocers’ existing ecommerce programs. This may present certain challenges to food retailers, however, as they struggle to keep pace with an uptick in online orders. “As evidenced by both public concern and stock market performance, the spread of coronavirus is one of the most serious and challenging developments that retailers have had to cope with in a very long time,” affirmed Kelly Lynch, retail solutions manager at ActiveViam, a retail pricing platform provider with offices in London, Paris, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong. “To successfully navigate this outbreak, retailers need to think about how they can best restore consumer confidence and meet changing consumer buying patterns as the virus potentially spreads. This includes making sure that their online infrastructure is strong enough to cope with an influx of online orders in affected areas, making delivery strategy changes, and just simply providing customers with clear, concise information about any changes that may impact the buying experience. This type of dependable approach will provide a little additional peace of mind for shoppers, while retailers consider any overarching changes that need to be made.”

Grocery industry is there for consumers amid coronavirus crisis, say FMI and NGA

As the nation locks down to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), supermarket trade groups FMI-The Food Industry Association and the National Grocers Association (NGA) said they’re working closely with federal, state and local officials to ensure ready access to grocery stores and the safety of the food supply chain.

Online shoppers still do most grocery shopping in-store

Almost one third of consumers have made an online grocery purchase in the past year, according to research from Valassis in its new report, “Unpacking the Dynamic Online Shopper: Grocery & Retail.” The report highlights grocery consumers’ behaviors and habits, as well as ways in which brands and retailers can attract them.

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Memo To Our Community Regarding COVID-19

Increasing Efficiency in Today’s Stores

In some respects, today’s stores would be unrecognizable compared with those of 50 years ago. The latest technology has upended traditional in-store processes in favor of more efficient, streamlined systems. This is especially true when you consider what Amazon has done to move the grocery industry forward (imagine the confusion on a grocery store manager’s face from the 1960s if they saw a store with no employees or checkout counters). Everywhere we look, we’re exposed to the revolutionary technology of today’s grocery store, from self-checkout to order-picking robots.
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