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Who Has the Keys to Your Business?

Who has access to your business systems and what do they have access to? This is hopefully an easy question to answer. If not, then you have an exposure in your company that needs to be addressed quickly. Controlling the specific authorized access to all end users of the systems that run a business is an important principle that needs constant maintenance and monitoring.

PCI Compliance Primer

By now most merchants have at least heard or maybe even have a basic understanding of what PCI compliance is; however, many still don't know exactly what to do or the implications and impact of non-compliance. It's crucial in this day and age of cybercrime and identity theft to act in good faith and make best efforts to protect your customers from these real threats of our modern time.

Communication in the Workplace

Broadening your communication skills are not only personally beneficial but can create more valued employees. Many people think that communication is relatively simple. However, the ways you speak to people outside of the workplace is completely different from how you would approach an employee. There are two key things to remember when communicating in the workplace: hear, don’t just listen and harness your emotions.

Tips for a More Productive Work Day

Sometimes it is hard to maintain balance between business-maintaining administrative tasks and business-driving tasks. In this day and age time is money and money is time. •Identify the things that do not need to be a priority. •Email alerts are very helpful if used properly. When used for minor things, the pop-up alerts become a distraction and take focus away from more important tasks.

Knowing Your Network

A store’s network is crucial to the success of its daily operation. The dictionary defines network as “a system containing any combination of computers, computer terminals, printers, audio or visual display devices or telephones interconnected by telecommunication equipment or cables used to transmit or receive information.”
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