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Tips to Reduce Shrink

Surefire methods for cutting known and unknown shrink. Managing inventory shrink is vital for independent retailers in protecting their bottom lines. Without proper shrink management, profits could either be spoiling on the shelves or walking out the door. While shrink can never be completely eliminated, some retailers are better at reducing it, and it’s showing in their net profits. According to the 2014 FMS/NGA Independent Grocers Financial Survey, the top 25 percent of profit leaders indicate shrink as 1.8 percent of sales. The shrink percentage for all retailers is almost double that – 3.2 percent. How are the top 25 percent of independents cutting their shrink nearly in half?

Maintain High Customer Service

Customer service is often the trickiest department to manage. It can also be a real challenge for small-business owners. The positions rarely produce any direct income, and at many companies, those in customer service positions are often some of the lowest-paid, least-trained staff on hand. It is these team members that are responsible for the majority of your company's interactions with customers. You can maintain high customer service standards by looking for these signs of serious trouble.

De-stressing Creates a Healthy Workplace

Stress is a part of life. Our DNA has even wired a biological response to stress inducing stimulus. It goes back to the time of our ancestors and the fight-or-flight response so critical to the survival of species. If confronted by a predator in the course of gathering some nuts and berries, the hypothalamus is activated. Both the heart and breathing rate increase. Digestive activity decreases. The liver releases glucose for energy. Signals are sent to the pituitary gland and the adrenal medulla. Our bodies do all of this to ensure we can, hopefully, act fast enough to stay alive. The long-term impacts of sustained and heightened states of stress are known to be detrimental to our health: heart problems, digestive problems, and overall chronic illness.

eWic Has Started Rolling Out. Is Your State Next?

In 2003 the USDA released a strategic plan to modernize or replace its current WIC clinic certification systems in an effort to improve client services and move all State agencies forward to deliver WIC food benefits through the use of EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer).

EMV and the Upcoming Liability Shift: What Does This Mean for My Business

Are you already making plans for EMV migration? If not, you should be. In the United States EMV migration is what everyone is buzzing about. This is because the EMV credit processing specification shifts the liability to the non-compliant merchants effective October 1, 2015
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