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Good for the Planet, Good for Grocers

Grocers are used to hearing about the importance of their stakeholders. Whether it’s their customers, their employees, their investors, or their partners, today’s leading food businesses are well versed in the requirement to adapt and meet a changing menu of needs and expectations. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just greenwashing or a feel-good story for corporations to tell themselves. It’s so much more. The impact on the bottom line is real.

1 in 5 Shoppers Have Changed Grocery Stores During the Pandemic

During these turbulent times, 20% of shoppers have left their primary grocery store in favor of another, according to new survey data from McKinsey & Co. Not only that, but 37% of those who’ve made the switch expect to remain loyal to the new retailer after the crisis ends. The main reasons people stopped shopping at their primary grocer were constant problems with keeping the shelves full and better ecommerce offerings elsewhere. Another contributing factor was that consumers opted to rely on a store that was located closer to their home or place of work.

Contactless Payments Skyrocket Because No One Wants to Handle Cash

As more people worry about catching coronavirus from touching cash and credit-card terminals, a onetime niche technology is roaring into the mainstream. Use of contactless mobile payments -- services that once struggled to catch on in the U.S. -- is surging as people come to see their phones as the safer way to pay. They’re also using mobile apps tied to payments, such as Amazon Prime Now, to place delivery or pickup orders for groceries. The Treasury Department may even let people who don’t have bank accounts receive their coronavirus relief checks via mobile-payment services like Venmo.

Half of shoppers expect life to return to ‘normal’ in less than six months, study says

As U.S. states and counties begin to reopen for business after the height of the coronavirus outbreak, half of shoppers (51%) surveyed by research firm Acosta expect life to return to normal in less than six months, while more than a quarter (29%) believe it will take more than a year to return to pre-coronavirus behavior and daily life. Acosta, a sales and marketing agency in the consumer packaged goods industry, on Thursday released its research providing insight into the continuing evolution of consumer behavior and outlook amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will grocery shopping ever be the same after the pandemic?

If you're suffering from new coronavirus fatigue and craving normalcy, don't go shopping for relief at your supermarket anytime soon. The grocery industry isn't talking about normal for the rest of 2020. It's talking about the "new normal" and what lies beyond. Chances are shoppers can expect months more of seeing store employees wearing masks and gloves – and store signs urging shoppers to follow suit. But industry officials believe the pandemic crisis and shopping frenzy are beginning to settle into a busy new grind as America tries to reopen the economy.
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