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23% of US smartphone users will use a food delivery app by 2023

Consumer demand for delivery is clear, and grocers that want to improve prepared food sales are going to have to get into the game to stay relevant against restaurants. Over 51% of consumers said they would make more food delivery orders if the service was offered. That's good news for grocery companies as they add more prepared food offerings and see more opportunity to compete with restaurants.

Lessons from Keedoozle: America’s First Automated Grocery Store Concept

While it may seem that automated grocery store concepts like Amazon Go are inherently futuristic in nature, the idealistic dream of a fully automatic shopping trip predates the Internet and even bar codes. Clarence Saunders, known as the founder of Piggly Wiggly, blazed a trail in the grocery industry when he introduced Keedoozle, America’s first automated grocery store, in 1937. Before modern retail technology like self checkout even existed, the vending machine-esque store concept opened its doors in Memphis, Tennessee.

7 Big Opportunities for Independent Grocery Stores: AWG’s David Smith Shares

David Smith, president and CEO of Associated Wholesale Grocers, shared seven big opportunities he sees for independent grocery stores, at a recent lunch hosted by the Illinois Food Retailers Association and Grocery Merchandising Association. Smith likened AWG to a three-legged stool – members, vendors and teammates – with each leg providing a key to the success of the operation. In order to find success in the future, all three parts of the business need to be aware of the seven opportunities he identifies:

Introducing the “Grocerant”

As brick-and-mortar stores increasingly compete with the convenience of online shopping, business owners are looking for ways to make grocery shopping a worthwhile and enjoyable experience rather than a chore. Traditionally favored by the likes of bodegas and specialty stores, the in-store eatery has grown in popularity, with many grocery chains offering buffets, in-store kiosks selling prepared food and snacks or even full fledged restaurants. This trend, dubbed a “grocerant,” has been adopted by retailers the likes of Whole Foods and Wegmans, which are well-known for quality in-store dining as well as shopping. How can in-store eateries benefit business and retain customers?

Print coupons continue to decline, report says

Based on the findings from Kantar, customers still love coupons in any form, but digital is gaining ground. Digital promotions offer ease for consumers, are better for the environment and less costly for manufacturers and retailers.
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