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Using Tokenization to Encrypt Credit Card Data

The NRF (National Retail Federation) and other retail groups have asked the credit card industry to begin using "tokenization" technology to replace consumers' card numbers and other sensitive data with an encrypted code. The token would be a randomly generated set of numbers or letters used to replace the card data wherever it would normally be used.

Protect Your Business by Protecting Your Customers Account Data

We live in an age of cyber crime. The incident rates of reported crimes are exploding. One segment of this growing criminal industry is the organized effort to steal customer account data to be sold for fraudulent purposes. The level of sophistication and adaptability of these illicit enterprises is nothing less than astonishing. The cycle of innovation in attack methodologies as the criminals reengineer their processes and develop new tools keeps the full time security analysts in a constant game of cat and mouse. In fact, 80 percent of attacks prey on the estimated 5 million small to mid-sized retailers in the U.S., leaving only a small percentage on the less than 2,000 merchants who process between one and six million credit or debit transactions per year.

Effective Hiring For Your Small Business

Businesses with fewer than 500 employees drive the economy, representing more than 99% of all U.S. companies (SmartBrief). Finding suitable employees can be a challenge and critical to the bottom line. It is even more important for small businesses with limited time and resources to make smart new hire decisions. Bringing on the wrong person can not only be time consuming but expensive, equating to 30% of one person's first-year salary (SmartBrief).

How can I find out more about PCI, What is PCI 3.0, and where do I start?

By now most businesses are familiar with the initials PCI when it’s related to credit and debit card processing; Payment Card Industry is where the initials came from. The PCI Security Standards Council is the group that now creates the PCI standards and this year is the first year of PCI Standard 3.0. The first year of a new standard is an overlapping time when the new standard is being adopted.

Alfalfa's Expands to Louisville, Colorado

A few years ago, Louisville, Colorado residents hoping to lure Boulder, CO-based Alfalfa’s Market to their city mailed the natural grocer hundreds of letters packed with the tiny seeds of the company’s namesake plant. “We got alfalfa seeds all over our desks, but it got the point across,” Alfalfa’s CEO and chairman Mark Retzloff said this past week.
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