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The Advantages to Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness programs offer many advantages not only to the employee but also to the employer. There are various kinds of wellness programs that can be offered to employees. Offering reduced gym memberships to a local gym or access to an onsite company gym, nutrition or healthy cooking classes, fitness education programs, smoking cessation incentives, stress reduction seminars and a subsidized healthy lunch program are just some examples.

Grocers Can use Big Data, Analytics to Reduce Food Waste

Supermarkets and grocery stores are significant contributors to the 34 million tons of food waste in landfills that release harmful methane gas into the environment. Some of the many key elements that lead to the generation of this excessive food waste include consumers’ demand for an abundance of fresh products, confusing sell by dates, damaged shipments of products and over-purchasing resulting in additional spoiled and non-purchased foods. It's a complex issue that involves complicated logistics, costs significant amounts of money and greatly impacts our environment.

Packaged-Goods Marketers Wade Warily Into E-commerce

"Finally, after decade of transformational impact on other sectors of the economy, the new frontier of e-commerce has come to food. Ready or not, our industry must do a much better job of leveraging this channel." This candid quote acknowledging the untapped potential for food and beverage marketers in the online space was delivered by Campbell Soup Co. CEO Denise Morrison to analysts this summer at the company's investor day.

Independent Grocers Hold Tough Ground In Tough Fiscal Year 2013

The National Grocers Association (NGA) and FMS Solutions have released the results of their joint 2014 Independent Grocers Financial Survey, covering fiscal year 2013. Independents' financial performance much mirrored the nation's economy, which showed modest growth and both ups and downs in consumer, financial and market performance indicators. Some retailers managed to grow sales, margins and profits whereas others handed back some of the gains accomplished in fiscal year 2012.

The Art of a Successful Direct Mailing Campaign

In today’s digital world, just about every business sends out digital advertising messages. We all get a number advertising email each day. The traditional mailer is still a relevant and effective way to deliver your messages. However, to stand out from stacks of mailers, you need to be creative.
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