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Why Maintenance on your POS System is So Important

As a supermarket operator always looking to improve your business and cut costs it can be tempting to see your annual maintenance expense on your POS system as unnecessary or will at the very least be tempted to make sacrifices. Understanding the mindset and the temptation to reduce maintenance expenses, there are many third party service organizations trolling the market offering plans with a significant cost reduction. However...

Over 500 Million financial records hacked in the last year

An article in USA Today, on October 20th, tells that nearly 519 million financial records have been stolen over the past 12 months. The article quotes Special Agent Jason Truppi of the FBI to say that “Nearly 439 million records were stolen in the past six months.”

Supermarkets Becoming the New local Culinary Schools

In the typical household the meal planning drives the grocery list. Grocers know this and have been providing recipes ideas through various marketing media for years.

Here's a Look Inside Grocery Shoppers' Minds and Baskets; Plus the digital path of a supermarket purchase

Maybe it's the sale on cauliflower or the free cheese samples in aisle six, but these days, everyone loves the weekly trip to the supermarket. Here is a closer look at what savvy shoppers are checking off their lists.

What is Apple Pay You May Ask?

Recently Apple announced a new method to pay for your transactions, it’s called Apple Pay. Apple Pay is supported by Apple’s new iPhone 6, 6 plus and the Apple Watch using the NFC (Near Field Communications) chip built into the new devices. The new payment service is scheduled to go online in October of 2014.
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