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Tips for a More Productive Work Day

Sometimes it is hard to maintain balance between business-maintaining administrative tasks and business-driving tasks. In this day and age time is money and money is time. •Identify the things that do not need to be a priority. •Email alerts are very helpful if used properly. When used for minor things, the pop-up alerts become a distraction and take focus away from more important tasks.

Knowing Your Network

A store’s network is crucial to the success of its daily operation. The dictionary defines network as “a system containing any combination of computers, computer terminals, printers, audio or visual display devices or telephones interconnected by telecommunication equipment or cables used to transmit or receive information.”

How to Become More Obtainable to Your Customers

In today’s world of search engines, research tools, customer reviews, and other media tools it is getting more and more difficult for businesses to get noticed by potential customers. The following are a few tips to increase your chances of being noticed and remembered.

Advantage of Brick and Mortar Stores

Online shopping continues to grow as consumers find increased value in the online shopping experience. Brick-and-mortar retailers cannot compete directly with large online-only retailers with the number of selections or low prices. Smart retailers have already recognized this fact and are working toward offering shopping experiences in which every customer feels that their individual preferences and wants/needs are priority when they walk into the store. One approach is to deliver a relevant shopping experience by giving customers the opportunity to shop the way they love to shop.

Are You Interested in New Pin Pads?

If you are interested in new pinpads you should consider purchasing them with the option to accept EMV cards. Even though the new cards will also have a magnetic stripe on them and should work with your current pinpads, now is the time to think about your next pinpad upgrade.
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