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Good News for Grocers: Brick-and-Mortar Still Reigns Supreme

The grocery industry has been inundated with fears about online shopping overtaking the traditional brick-and-mortar store model, and for good reason. With major companies like Walmart, Amazon, ShopRite and Albertsons investing in what industry players have hailed as “the future of grocery shopping,” it makes sense that established grocers are wary of losing their customers to the convenience of online grocery shopping.

How Regional Grocers Are Competing with Big Boxes

Consolidation, fanned by a wave of technology, has produced mega-players that have largely set the tone in the grocery industry. Amazon and Peapod are encroaching online, European players are cornering the private label product market, and Walmart, which owes half its sales to grocery, has created unprecedented competition. This has benefited consumers but decimated regional and local grocers. However, there’s still a place for regionals – if they take the right steps to be competitive. While large grocers have created replicable store experiences that appeal to the masses, local chains can offer hyper-customized experiences in a way that big grocers haven’t been able to.

Simple Ways to Keep Customers in Mind

With the pivotal role that grocery stores play in customer’s’ lives, making shopping trips convenient and stress-free is a surefire way to stand out in an over-saturated market. While many big-box grocery stores are adding next-generation technology solutions like frictionless checkout systems or online ordering, the best grocery store technology is easy for customers to adapt to and makes their overall shopping experience hassle-free.

How to tap into Gen Z's $143B spending power by smartphone

Generation Z could have an estimated $143 billion in spending power, and their spending habits, which are driven by mobile and experiential shopping, have major implications for retailers, according to research from market intelligence firm Numerator. When it comes to advertising, members of Gen Z are more engaged with mobile devices and social media than millennials, but Numerator, drawing on data from its omnichannel shopper panel of more than 500,000 consumers...

Convenience Items: Move Over, Gas Stations

Today’s consumers are more focused on convenience than ever before, and convenience items have drastically advanced from the traditional grab-and-go candy and snacks at point of sale. The classic grocery store layout and produce selection is being challenged as retailers re-think the modern customer’s priorities. A greater number of stores are considering how to appeal to shoppers who simultaneously have busy lives and are putting a greater emphasis on healthy, whole foods.
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