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7 Ways to Better Compete Against Discount Grocers

Although Lidl may be off to a slower start in the United States than many predicted, now isn’t the time for grocers to exhale and take their eye off the ball regarding the real threat that discounters and other value retailers pose to their bottom lines. Lidl is here for the long term, and if its history of rollouts in other countries bears out, it will take the early lessons learned from its initial June launch, and then modify and scale quickly. According to Planet Retail, Lidl is still expected to generate net sales of $5 billion within five years.

NGA Research Key Insight: Retailers Urged to Reinvigorate Frequent Shopper Efforts

Independent retailers are known for generating customer loyalty, but they should revisit frequent shopper programs to further boost loyalty efforts.

Food Delivery Mobile Application Industry: Businesses Prepare to Jump Ship

The rise in standards of living in the developing countries, increase in expenditure on luxury smartphones, and technological advancements in the design and features of iOS. Android deployment platform contributed the largest share of revenue in the global food delivery mobile application market and is expected to witness second highest growth rate during the 2017 to 2023 owing to its easy accessibility, open-source platform, and deployment in large portion of smartphone brands.

6 Millennial Shopping Trends Your Business Needs to Keep Up With

How do you appeal to millennials? It’s a code businesses of all sizes try to crack. And for good reason — millennials have some serious purchasing power. According to Ad Age, 17- to 34-year-olds will spend $200 billion annually starting in 2017, and $10 trillion over their lifetime.

Supermarkets Need to Get Sexier in Amazon Era, Grocery CEO Says

The key to surviving Amazon.com Inc.’s grocery push? Making sure traditional supermarkets are still exciting places to visit.
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