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Spoon Guru Study: Consumers Need Help Identifying Healthy Choices

A recent study suggests that 72 percent of consumers do not understand the recommended levels of salt, fat and sugar consumption. The statewide health survey by Spoon Guru, a London-based developer of AI technology designed to assist in food discovery, revealed that only 28 percent of shoppers included in the study felt confident in deciphering the value of nutrients in food.

AI-Infused Data Helps Grocers Eat Online Retailers’ Lunch

Grocery stores are low-margin businesses, but for generations, they’ve made a profit for one simple reason: Everyone has to eat. Over the past several years, online meal-kit services like Blue Apron and Amazon’s everything service have been chipping away at grocers’ profits. If a customer has a couple of meal kits delivered each week and orders staples online, the local grocer’s wallet share shrinks. But artificial intelligence (AI) can help grocers fight back, and grocers are uniquely positioned to win that battle.

Engaging Customers with Mobile Marketing

Traditional Grocers See Need to Differentiate to Fend Off Retail Foes: Annual Report

As they face increased competition from such contenders as a certain online behemoth and two well-publicized deep discounters of German origin that are expanding their respective reaches in the United States, with more locations offering a typical combination of bargain prices and signature private label items, traditional grocers’ need to differentiate becomes more crucial than ever in the quest to attract — and keep — customers.

The Future of Grocery Loyalty Programs

Gone are the days of inky newspaper circulars dominating the couponing landscape in the grocery industry. Today’s shopper is much more tech-savvy, and they look to many different sources for deals when grocery shopping. As competition between grocery retailers becomes fiercer, grocers are finding it more imperative than ever to entice shoppers with coupons and loyalty programs. We live in the information age, and the data compiled through loyalty program registration is worth the cost of offering shoppers incentives. The top grocery stores utilizing 21st century loyalty programs understand the value and the best practices involved in doing so.
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