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Using Themed Events to Drive Supermarket Sales

Supermarket operators have been wringing their hands of late over the many ways consumers have changed their behavior when it comes to shopping for food. Gone are the days of weekly stock-up trips, with a midweek fill-in for milk and bread. Gone also is price obfuscation; mobile-driven transparency has made price claims useless for most.

PCI 3.0: The Good, The Changes and Why It’s Not Ugly

The spate of payment card breaches during the past year has left businesses and consumers asking, "What's the problem?" The number of breaches, amount of records and types of records stolen has been climbing at a rapid pace. Regulators and industry stakeholders have turned some of their focus to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to determine if any fault lies within the standard itself or how it is enforced. However, those who seek to hold the PCI DSS primarily at fault fail to understand how it is created and ultimately used in practice.

Grocery shopping is an area ripe for mobile innovation

During this holiday season, you're likely to be spending more than the usual amount of time shopping for food. When I think of the many aspects of our daily lives that mobile has helped to improve or simplify--navigation, finding a restaurant, comparison shopping, fitness tracking, all manner of personal information management--the grocery shopping experience is one that has been virtually untouched by mobile. A relatively small percentage of consumers have any sort of electronic relationship with their local grocery stores, be it national chains like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, or regional stores such as Shaw's, Safeway, or Publix. Grocery store apps are one of the least-downloaded categories, and many of these apps have received poor reviews.

Use Exception Reporting in the Fight Against Shrink

Leveraging your POS system's exception reporting to run a tight ship is just one of the valuable tools that is often never fully developed by store operations. The benefits are many fold and should be explored and customized to your business. It's an ongoing effort to analyze and retool practices and processes to fight shrink by quickly identifying impropriety and product pricing issues as well as fine tune performance metrics and training.

FMI Study Profiles Grocery App Users

media, the less likely it is that the shopper will use a grocery retailer's app in-store. The study also revealed that shoppers with larger grocery expenditures were most active in using grocery apps.
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