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Still wiping down your grocery store purchases? What you need to know

Like a lot of people, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Anna Barr Folinsky of Brighton cleaned grocery-store purchases with disinfecting wipes before putting them away at home. At that point it was recommended as a best practice to avoid contagion. The thinking was that because the virus can survive on surfaces for short periods of time, someone could touch a contaminated item and then touch their eyes, nose or mouth and possibly infect themselves. Now, however, a lot more is known about how COVID-19 spreads — primarily from person to person through respiratory droplets in the air.

Grocery visits making steady recovery to pre-pandemic levels

Recent findings from Placer.ai identified that on average the 10 grocery banners the analytics company has been following since the start of the pandemic saw monthly visits down by 7.1% in June 2020 compared to June 2019 — a significant improvement from May when visits were down 11.6% and April when visits were down 22.2%.

How Grocers Can Win With Customer Loyalty Programs

With online mega-suppliers on one side of the spectrum and the rise of niche grocers on the other, many grocery retailers struggle to present a clear, compelling value proposition. Do you try to compete on price and cut even more into your margin? Or do you double down on specialty products and risk alienating a huge portion of the overall market? While the answers to those questions are as varied as the grocery retailers asking them, there’s one universal challenge: They have to adapt to the modern shopper.

5 ways to keep retail foodservice alive during COVID-19

As many Americans continue to work from home in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, food industry veteran Michael Droke, attorney and partner at Seattle-based Dorsey & Whitney LLP, says working remotely will change the game for not only the American workforce but also for food retailers

Toshiba Can Help Retailers Move Toward Frictionless Future

An official with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions said there will be opportunities in 2020 to impact how retailers can become more competitive and deliver better experiences, as well as create more operational efficiency. “We’re talking about moments that inspire,” said Fredrik Carlegren, executive director of global marketing for the Durham, North Carolina-based company that specializes in integrated in-store solutions.
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