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2019 Outlook: The Year Grocers Make the Shopping Experience Mobile-Centric

“Mobile apps are the epitome of blurring the lines between physical and online shopping,” says Tory Gundelach, VP of retail insights at Kantar Consulting, in Boston. “Shoppers are no longer willing to accept one experience in store and a different experience online, and apps are one of the best ways to bridge that gap.”

2019 Outlook: The Year Grocers Crack the Code to Ecommerce Profitability

In 2018, a handful of grocery retailers looked to be potentially cracking the code of how to make ecommerce profitable — by testing automated order fulfillment in their stores, in an effort to lower both order-assembly and last-mile delivery costs.

What to Expect in Grocery Technology in 2019

Grocers have long been the laggards in the retail technology game. That’s understandable, given the channel’s longtime traditional nature, narrow margins and reluctance to make huge investments in risky areas.

6 inspiring initiatives for the future of grocery shopping

The future of retail doesn’t always look the same, so what lies ahead for grocery shopping? Adoption of online food shopping continues to grow, but there’s a wide array of other influencing factors from dietary requirements or lifestyle choices, to new food trends and changing eating habits. As such, food retail is in need of change, but it’s currently not always apparent what’s being done. We’ve dug down into the world of grocery retail to bring you six inspiring initiatives that shed some light on the future of food shopping.

Pardon the Disruption: Micro markets could be a huge opportunity for grocers

Grocers are building smaller and smaller stores these days, but what if they went really small? Last week, Kroger announced it had tucked a grocery department inside a Walgreens store in northern Kentucky. Stocked with more than 2,000 items, including fresh produce and cold cuts, this "Kroger Express" mini market is one of a handful the grocer plans to open over the next few months inside Walgreens locations near its Cincinnati headquarters. If the locations prove successful, a lot more people will be buying meal kits and bananas at the same place they buy cold medicine.
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