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2020 Grocery Innovation Outlook

Innovation in food retailing is everywhere and advancing at a pace so rapid that companies that are considered disruptors question whether they’re moving fast enough, while others wonder whether they can catch up.

Moving Past Price: A Guide for Modern Promotions

Models for pricing and promotions are guided by the assumption that shoppers are consistently rational beings. But according to research, they’re actually far more apt to act on impulse. To account for this fact, pricing and promotional practices need to be reconsidered.

Gap between online, brick-and-mortar narrows for food shoppers

Though only one in five U.S. shoppers regularly buys groceries online, consumers are increasingly finding the online grocery experience equal in many respects to brick-and-mortar supermarkets, new research from the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) shows. Regular food shoppers rate online as doing at least an equal job to supermarkets in 11 of 18 performance areas, ranging from product freshness to value to customer service, according to FMI’s 2019 U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends report, released yesterday. These shoppers reported that supermarkets outperformed online in just seven areas, only one of which involved food quality.

The Labor Shortage and its Effect on the Grocery Industry

While the labor market differs in various locations, with many factors that impact the state of employment nationally, it is widely acknowledged that the United States is currently facing a labor shortage. Since last year, the Department of Labor has reported that the number of open jobs each month has been higher than the number of people looking for work, which is the first time this has occurred since the DoL started tracking job turnover more than two decades ago. With an increasing number of individuals pursuing higher education and then professional services work, business owners are increasingly struggling to fill positions such as restaurant workers, hotel staff and retail cashiers.

Labor Issues Top Grocer Concerns but Others Not Far Behind: Annual Report

Let’s edit an old saying to fit the current context: The more some things change, the more other things stay the same. To elaborate: Advancements in technology and evolution in the way consumers shop continue to disrupt all levels of retailing. But amid the rapid change, grocery executives responding to Progressive Grocer’s annual survey say that the issue keeping them up most at night is labor — namely, the recruitment, retention, diversity and training of their workforces.
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