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Grocery's Future Doesn't Belong to Just Amazon, Walmart, Kroger

Last week, Amazon finally went live with Amazon Go: a cashierless convenience-store concept, and several other retailers, including Kroger, announced that they are about to launch similar cashierless and other innovative store concepts.


Conversations and articles around “the future of retail” are nothing new, but they’ve taken on new life with the entrance of Amazon's Go concept and the online retailer's recent foray into the brick-and-mortar space. It’s now widely accepted that innovation is crucial to improving the customer experience, staying competitive and unifying commerce in-store and online.

4 Ways Your Grocery Store May Change in 2018

Melissa Anders , CONTRIBUTOR Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Shoppers should expect to see more changes to their grocery stores over the next year as the industry adapts to new competitive pressures and millennial shopping habits.

Food Assortments Migrating Extremes

Consumers are migrating toward retailers whose assortments are either sharply streamlined or unusually deep, gutting a traditional strength of food retailers who competed on their range.

5 Trends Shaping the Food Industry in 2018

As we head into the change of seasons and the inevitable return of autumnal, pumpkin spice takeovers of flavors, so, too, do we see the return of trend lists for the following year. One of the first out of the gate amongst the major players is Mintel, who just released its global food and drink trend report for 2018, detailing what will influence products and manufacturing in foodservice next year.
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