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Toshiba Can Help Retailers Move Toward Frictionless Future

An official with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions said there will be opportunities in 2020 to impact how retailers can become more competitive and deliver better experiences, as well as create more operational efficiency. “We’re talking about moments that inspire,” said Fredrik Carlegren, executive director of global marketing for the Durham, North Carolina-based company that specializes in integrated in-store solutions.

5 grocers embracing technology around the globe

From the sunny shores of Florida to the heart of urban Tel Aviv, grocers worldwide face the same challenge: How to win with technology. Over the past few years, companies have turned to eye-grabbing innovations to save customers time and create a more intimate, service-driven shopping experience, said Jamie Sabat, director of trends and consumer forecasting for Streetsense. Shoppers have started to expect more from their grocery stores, from personalized recommendations to health information.

What U.S. Grocers Can Learn From Their European Counterparts

The current COVID-19 crisis generates highly fluctuating demand in stores. While fashion retail and department stores are suffering, grocers are currently on the other side of the spectrum. To call it “flourishing” might be a stretch, but at least they’re not losing. As North America is a few weeks behind Europe on the crisis timeline, there are some key customer behavior trends that have emerged in Europe and can be a lesson for North American retailers, in preparation for what’s to come.

Grocery shopping behavior shifts into ‘home-confined buying’

After an initial rush to stores to prepare for coronavirus, U.S. consumers are now settling into a “home-confined buying” phase marked by higher purchases of food and beverages as they shelter in place, according to advertising efficacy specialist NCSolutions. Household grocery spend remains elevated at 23% higher than pre-pandemic levels but has tailed off from an “extreme buying” phase in which consumer stockpiling hiked their purchases 35% above normal, New York-based NCSolutions said.

Doing business better: 7 retail fundamentals to focus on during crisis

Aside from the nation’s hospitals, no other sector has been on the front lines as of late than food retailers. Yet, even in the face of a pandemic, independent retailers have found that the well-honed, tried-and-true tactics that have helped them excel or compete against larger competitors are helping them rise to the occasion. Innovation and technology continue to change retail but the evolving face of retail doesn’t always hinge on the shiny new thing. Instead, it revolves around tactics like these.
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