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With more consumers embracing digital-first, experts believe payments innovation is here to stay

The pandemic has driven more grocery shoppers to embrace online shopping, curbside pickup, and increased use of self-service shopping. And, payments innovation is leading the way for these changes in consumer behavior.

9 out of 10 grocery shoppers use smartphones in-store. Does your technology meet their needs?

With over 260 million smartphone users in the United States, it’s no surprise that shoppers have their devices with them when they are walking store aisles. However, according to recent research, nearly 90% of all U.S. grocery shoppers use their phones as they shop.

Google Update Lets Retailers Give Shoppers Options

Offering curbside and in-store pickup? Do all of your potential shoppers know? Google now allows grocers and other retailers to add information and links to inventory, shopping options, and more.

Electronic shelf labels engage shoppers and deliver retail accuracy

Electronic shelf labels are revolutionizing in-store shopping experiences, building loyalty, and maximizing accuracy.

The future of robot retail automation is here

Retailers can increase efficiencies by automating mundane tasks and tapping into advanced data analytics. Robot technologies, such as Badger, help lower operational costs, increase profits and maintain safer stores.
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