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Five supermarket trends for 2018

International supermarket research organisation IGD has identified the five food retail trends that will dominate the next twelve months.

Frictionless POS can lift revenue 48%

The Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Walmart ranked at the top of retailers that offer a frictionless purchasing experience. (The Home Depot)

How Amazon Will Use Analytics To Shake Up The Supermarket Industry

On the first day of its acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon lowered the store's prices on beef, organic eggs, and avocados. But that was only a start. Judging from Amazon’s legacy of employing analytics to drive sales, it could shake-up the entire supermarket industry. That is, if it pulls the right levers, introduces analytics in a strategic way, and gains employee support for the wide-ranging change.

Is The Mall Lost on The Supermarket? 5 Facts Say No

Once we bought sweaters at the north end of the mall. Now we go there to pick out Swiss chard.

Grocers Embrace Blockchain in New Era of Transparency

Imagine being able to trace a piece of fresh fruit from your store back to the farm on which it was produced in a mere 2.2 seconds. This isn’t a supermarket pipe dream – it’s the power potentially unleashed by a new technology called blockchain.
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