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How to meld digital and experiential for maximum shopper convenience

Shifting from in-store to online shopping has been a big drive for many retailers over the past few years. But, in an interesting industry twist, some digital retailers are pivoting to provide the kind of experience normally only available in-person, highlighting the importance of a variety of choices for delivering shopper convenience.

Grocery industry set to see omnichannel shopping demand grow in 2021

Retailers can find a competitive advantage by building a robust omnichannel shopping experience. Today’s shoppers are looking for convenience, multiple shopping options, value, and service. Omnichannel delivers these features and more, and also provides tools for grocers to quickly identify customer needs and preferences and meet them in the moment.

Foodservice Freefall Means Grocers Need to Prepare for Increased Demand

The restaurant industry has been devastated by the ongoing pandemic. From restrictions on indoor dining to customers simply preferring to stay home, 2020 saw restaurants experience massive revenue loss while grocery demand boomed. As we enter 2021, consumers will likely continue to focus on preparing meals and dining at home, and grocery stores will likely have more opportunities to meet shopper’s needs.

Grocery Lessons from 2020: Service and Value Still Reign Supreme

2020 was quite a year for grocery store technology. The pandemic changed the shopping experience for many and showed us the importance of grocery stores in our society. Grocery stores and other essential retailers had to quickly prioritize shoppers and employees' health and safety and manage supply chain and issues.

Building the Grocery Store of Tomorrow

New and updated grocery technologies improve customer experience and store operations, helping smaller stores increase their profit margin. The future of grocery promises to reduce “points of friction” for shoppers -- such as waiting in long lines -- and more efficient store management through automation and AI.
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