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User Experience and Online Grocery Shopping 

By STCR Staff 

Online grocery shopping is on the rise – according to research from Mintel, online grocery is expected to account for 10 percent of all grocery purchases in 2019. While many people are embracing the convenience of ordering online, there are certain user experience factors that can be a barrier to entry for some would-be online grocery shoppers. While younger shoppers have jumped on the online grocery shopping bandwagon, it seems older shoppers are put off by some of the less convenient aspects of purchasing online. For grocers looking to incorporate an online aspect to their stores, the following considerations can help prospective online shoppers get on board.



Registering for an online account can deter some people from deciding to place an online grocery order, so it’s important to keep the registration process simple, and if possible, avoid forcing users to register upfront. A well-designed form can help, as well as providing alternatives to entering information, like registering through third-party sites like PayPal or Facebook.


Easy booking for delivery

The key to easy delivery registration is a clearly displayed schedule, so users can understand all available time slots and choose the best one for them. Successful delivery sites also outline costs, so customers can make their decisions based on cost and convenience. Another tip is to alert customers to how long their booking slot is saved for, to avoid surprises for customers who may take longer to select their items.


Frictionless product search

It can be a time-consuming process to search for and find all the products in an online store that a shopper would typically find in person. Since online grocery shoppers are typically shopping for multiple items, it’s imperative to make search as easy as possible. Some online grocers allow shoppers to search for multiple items at once before displaying the results for each product, which saves time and allows shoppers to copy and paste their shopping lists directly into the site.


Any shortcuts to product search can make the customer’s life easier. For example, there are online grocery stores that allow shoppers to upload their favorite in-store products to their online cart by entering a barcode number from their paper receipt. Concepts like this help shorten the process of finding products and make customers more likely to consider online grocery shopping as a time-saving convenience.


Saved shopping lists

One way to position site registration as a benefit rather than a hassle is to allow online shoppers to save their favorite products in a shopping list. When customers register their information with the online grocery store, they can use their last shop as a starting point, so they don’t have to search for all their grocery items again. When partnered with a mobile app, customers can have the added benefit of scanning barcodes from their cupboard or the store shelf to save even more time and effort.

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