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Over 500 Million financial records hacked in the last year

An article in USA Today, on October 20th, tells that nearly 519 million financial records have been stolen over the past 12 months. The article quotes Special Agent Jason Truppi of the FBI to say that “Nearly 439 million records were stolen in the past six months.”

The USA Today article (with a link below) cited a breakdown on the types of breaches by the FBI.


About 35% of the thefts were from website breaches, 22% were from cyberespionage, 14% occurred at the point of sale when someone bought something at a retail store, and 9% came when someone swiped a credit or debit card, the FBI said.


The most recent news of fraudulent usage coming from Staples who are investigating fraudulent transactions on a group of cards that previously were used at a small number of their locations in the Northeast. This reported by information security expert Brian Krebs.







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