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The future of robot retail automation is here, with Badger

Autonomous robots are meeting the increasing need for innovation within the grocery store industry, adding accuracy, inventory visibility, and increased shopper and staff safety. Badger Technologies delivers retail solutions that provide actionable data for retail operations through automation.

Increasingly, retailers are adopting Badger’s technology, leveraging in-store robotics for automating mundane tasks and keeping shelves stocked with accurately priced products.  Badger’s robots help grocers:

  • Elevate store execution
  • Lower operational costs
  • Increase profits

Over 500 robots have been deployed to grocers worldwide, and have helped retailers face some of the challenges presented by the pandemic, and the overall need for increased efficiencies in the retail space. These units scan shelves, detect hazards in stores, and assist with security monitoring.

STCR is proud to partner with Badger Technologies in delivering this revolutionary innovation in retail to our customers. Learn more about Badger, and how all of STCR’s solutions help take your retail operation into a future of accuracy, efficiency, and safety.

"STCR provided a complete solution, from front end to back door receiving to help maintain gross profit."