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Communication in the Workplace

Broadening your communication skills are not only personally beneficial but can create more valued employees.  Many people think that communication is relatively simple.  However, the ways you speak to people outside of the workplace is completely different from how you would approach an employee.  There are two key things to remember when communicating in the workplace: hear, don’t just listen and harness your emotions.

On more than one occasion discussions in the workplace can become intense and feel like personal attacks.  In a case like this, it’s important to keep your composure.  When emotions get involved messages come out incorrect and often lead to rambling.  In a situation like this take a moment, along with a deep breath, and collect your thoughts.  Interact with your employees when they are speaking to you.  Know that it’s ok for them to ask questions so they fully understand the message being delivered.  These techniques can improve employee interactions and a better overall workplace environment.

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